San Francisco: Prop H is a dangerous attempt by the police union to drastically loosen existing restrictions on Tasers.

Prop H would undermine important policies by the Police Commission and the Police Chief that require de-escalation before use of force. 

If Prop H passes, San Francisco police will be allowed to use a Taser on someone who is unarmed and poses no immediate physical threat, or on someone who says no to a police order due to confusion or mental illness.  The Prop H law would also undermine much of the de-escalation training the police department is undergoing.  We have to stop this dangerous ballot measure.  If it passes, it can only be changed through another expensive election or a four-fifths majority vote by the Board of Supervisors.  It's reckless and unprecedented to strip the Chief and Commission of their power to regulate how a dangerous weapon is used by police officers.   

Last November, the Police Commission approved Tasers for SFPD and adopted a sensible approach for deploying them.  While crisis intervention and de-escalation training for officers continued, the Police Commission used a process called for by the Obama Justice Department to work collaboratively with the SFPD, experts, and community members to come up with a policy on how Tasers should be used in San Francisco.  That carefully-crafted policy was finalized and adopted by the Police Commission in March.  Even though that policy is supported by Mayor Farrell, Chief Scott, and Officers for Justice (made up primarily of African American SFPD officers), it's opposed by the police union because they want their members to be able to use tasers in non-violent situations where the current policy requires them to try de-escalation tactics first.  Now, this well-funded special interest group has publicly threatened to spend at least a half million dollars to convince voters to approve Prop H.  Don't be fooled.  Vote No on Prop H! 

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No on H window signs are ready! Help us defeat Prop H by displaying one! You can pick up a free window sign from the Bicycle Coalition office at 1720 Market St. any time M-F, 9am - 5pm! Or, contact us using the form below!


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