Official Ballot Arguments

**The SF June 2018 Voter Guide Is Out**

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Official Opponent's Argument Against Prop H

"Some of us support arming the Police Department with tasers. Some of us do not. We all agree that Prop H would be a disastrous way to implement taser use. Don't be fooled. Prop H is not a yes or no vote on tasers. It's a vote to authorize the POA to set policy for the police department. Vote No on Proposition H."

Mark Leno's Argument Against Prop H

"This proposed measure . . . fails to hold our public safety leaders accountable, and only serves to further impede our progress on true reform."

George Gascón's Argument Against Prop H

"Unfortunately, a special interest group is seeking to enshrine a policy into law which can lead to police being trained to use Tasers in inappropriate situations. What's more, if approved, the policy and police training will be difficult to improve or revise."

ACLU of Northern CA & The Bar Association of San Francisco's Argument Against Prop H

"Vote 'NO' to ensure careful oversight of this weapon to best protect the public and officers."

Jeff Adachi's Argument Against Prop H

"Prop H instead commits police to use a weapon first, and ask questions later, if at all. That is not 21st Century policing."

Coalition on Homelessness' Argument Against Prop H

"The claim that [a Taser] will decrease police shootings has not proven true in any city Tasers have been introduced."

Democratic Socialists of America San Francisco's Argument Against Prop H

"Prop H is being pushed by a GOP-aligned lobbying group that helped fund Trump's election and spends untold amounts of time and money opposing any kind of police reform that would make our city safer and reduce police brutality (for example, Prop H would set policy directing police to use Tasers on unarmed people)."

League of Pissed Off Voters' Argument Against Prop H

"This legislation is about misleading voters and undermining the Police Commission's authority. Don't let the Republican-backing Police Officers Association override civilian oversight!"

Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community - Justice 4 Mario Woods' Argument Against Prop H

"[I]t is clear the [SFPD] needs wholesale change and reform. That reform needs to start with systemic change, not with giving police a new weapon with no accountability from the Police Commission."

Police Commissioners' Argument Against Prop H

"Some of us voted in favor and some against providing tasers to our officers. But we all ask you to join us in voting NO on H. Do not be misled by the proponent's argument."

Former Police Commissioners' Argument Against Prop H

"[Prop H] does not promote widely accepted principles of crisis de-escalation and expertise of officers with Crisis Intervention Team certification"

Officers for Justice's Argument Against Prop H

"OFFICERS FOR JUSTICE STRONGLY URGES A 'NO' VOTE ON PROPOSITION H. We hope you will back our support for responsible training and issuance of tasers by joining us in voting NO on H."

Mental Health Advocates' Argument Against Prop H

"The initiative does NOT promote crisis intervention de-escalation techniques . . . people with mental illnesses are very prone to adverse effects if tasered, including death. VOTE NO!"

Margaret Stafford (MD)'s Argument Against Prop H

"My colleagues at UCSF have published data from 50 police agencies showing that sudden deaths increase by >600% in the first year of Taser use. They therefore need to be implemented carefully . . . My goal is to help keep the public safe, and Proposition H is not the right way to do this."

Tom Ammiano's Argument Against Prop H

"Prop H is Bad Government. Prop H is an intentionally misleading special interest initiative that undermines the authority of the Police Chief and the Police Commission"